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Filing stones for a clean and professional looking finish

Filing stones for a clean and professional looking finish

I thought I'd share one of my personal secret bling hacks. This is a technique I came up with and have used for years to get a polished professional look every time. 

 When I first started, I used a Dremel because the E-files was not a thing back then. If you have a Dremel, you don't have to go out and buy a new machine. Once you are used to working with rhinestones and a filing tool, you can go as far as customizing the shapes!


Required tools:

Do not use this method if you do not have the listed safety items!

There is always a risk of a stone flying off, and you do not want to inhale ANY dust from rhinestones, no matter what type but ESPECIALLY crystals because they contain lead. Rhinestones in the video are resin, and I am using a ceramic nail drill bit.




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